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Welcome to Digital Analysis. Our aim is to provide engineering solutions for innovative scientific and industrial research problems based on our professional experiences. The technical expertise gained through a variety of technical challenges allows us to solve several problems usually found in modern chemical process. We specialise in microscopy & image analysis techniques, thermal analysis of materials, reactor design & optimization, and advanced software development for data acquisition, processing and control of analog and digital variables. Moreover, as we love science, you can also find some personal opinions about the forefronts of scientific research.

Professional Profile In this section you can find a summary of Dr. Claudio Avila, his professional experience and information about the research team involved in the projects.

Research Projects In this section you can find an overview of our research projects and particular experiences solving daily problems usually present in science and engineering.

Microscopy & Image Analysis Image processing, analysis and computer vision techniques are increasing in prominence in all fields of medical science and Engineering. This approach allows quantitative measurements becoming an essential tool for modern microscopy.

Programming and Optimization We use advanced programming tools in a variety of problems ranging from computer-instrument interfacing up to solving complex mathematical systems. Our preferred tools are always Labview and Matlab, but also we use open source.

Technical Resources Available We currently have a laboratory of Optical microscopes available as well as some facilities for sample preparation and analysis. The team also have access to similar instruments at their host universities.

Documents & Downloads In this section you can find scientific reports, published peer-reviewed papers, external links and some particular computer codes associated to the research tasks described (free to download).

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Image analysis of Biomass and Minerals

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